FitFit Garden: Your Solution for Flying Insect Control in the UK

FitFit Garden provides comprehensive flying insect control solutions tailored for UK households and outdoor spaces. Our services target common flying pests such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats, and moths, ensuring a pest-free environment for you to enjoy your garden and outdoor areas. Utilizing a range of effective methods including chemical, biological, physical, and cultural controls, we prioritize the safety of your family and the environment. With FitFit Garden, you can trust in reliable and sustainable pest management practices to keep your outdoor spaces comfortable and enjoyable year-round.
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Acana™ Moth Monitoring Trap
Regular price £6.30
Zero In® Fly & Wasp Killer Spray
Regular price £4.95
Zero In® High Voltage Insect Killer
Regular price £11.25
Zero In® Fly Catcher Twin Pack
Regular price £8.90
Acana™ Moth Killer Spray for Carpet & Fabric 500ml
Regular price £12.60

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